Buying and old house vs buying a new house

Buying and old house vs buying a new house

Fast sale home and fast buy home are both challenging tasks. No matter you intend to buy a new house or an old house they both will have their advantages and disadvantages so it all depends on your personal taste and preferences.

While some people particularly would like to move to the countryside, in order to live in a real cottage or move somewhere in order to live in a Victorian house, others would rather want a newly built detached house in the middle of a residential area with a common swimming pool.

So, let's see what are the things you need to pay attention to when buying an old house and we will also take a look at some of the things you need to pay attention to when buying a new house.

Old house buying tips:

  • Only buy an old house which has a brand new Home Inspection Report, which attests to the fact that nothing is rotten, the plumbs are all fixed, the electricity has been recently re-wired and most importantly, that the roofing is good for a good few years to come. These are some of the key issues which people tend to overlook with respect to old houses and they pay a big price in the end.
  • Check through the gardens and make sure all is clean and cleared and that all the fences are fixed. In some countries, people used to bury oil barrels and other chemicals in the garden. Have it checked through with detectors, especially if you want to do some serious gardening there in the future.
  • Make sure the whole house and its territory is a clean property, meaning it's clear from any debts, mortgages, heritage claims or any border disputes and also noone has laid official claim or block on it.
  • Check the area and the neighbourhood and make sure they will be no constructions in the near future which would change the nearby environment in any drastic ways. Also make sure the house is not in a flood area.
  • Check on the house's exact status. If it's deemed an antique house, or a heritage of sorts and if it's under any sort of protection laws which may severely limit people from making a whole lot of different sorts of fixtures and renovation works. This is pretty important because it can axe your whole renovation project and future plans. Also, there are only very few left from those carpenters and renovation workers who can renovate old houses while making sure everything becomes the same and that the house's integrity will not be hurt. These specialists may cost a fortune to hire and a treasure hunt to find.
  • Also make sure you are aware of any local taxes or extra costs which are to be paid and whether the previous owners do not have any payment out due.
  • Make sure there is no mortgage or house repossession procedure involving the property

These are some of the key tips on what to pay special attention to, when it comes to buying old and new properties. Hope you can learn from it for the future.


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