upgrading your home with decoration before selling

Why upgrading your home with decoration before selling?

First impressions do count a lot when it comes to quick house sale. Real estate agents are well aware of this. That's why it's very rare to sell a home without much of any furniture in it. Decorating and staging has the common goal to make a home feel „home-like” and to enable the viewers to see the possibilities on how they could furnish, decorate and finally live in it. Proper decoration, the choice of colours and showing your home in its best form always helps selling it more quickly.

Before decorating:

  • Get your house re-painted: you wouldn't believe how much newer a house will look with a fresh coat of paint: go for pastels rather than statement colours. Check out some of the most popular color schemes and choose some of the most attractive shades from it. Greyish, sandy and earth tones are especially popular, however if you want to make everything spacious go for simple white or a butter-like tone.
  • Get everything cleansed from head to toe: this includes any carpets, textile furniture (or get a new cover on them), curtains, shelves, furniture which you leave out to show to the potential buyers.
  • If you have any outdoors space make sure it looks great and friendly.

Seasonal decorations:

Each season has its own colours, styles and offers great ways to help you decorate your home. Let's see how:

If you want a fast sale home to go down with a bit of time and fantasy you can easily create a catchy theme in your home to make it more attractive. If I'd want to sell my property fast, I would surely try one suitable theme depending on the exact style of my home. I'd also be aware local real estate agencies would definitely help sell my house quick, which would save me considerable amount of time and efforts of trying to sell it by myself.


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